Day 2. Sunrise, ATV Adventure & Busay Falls in Albay, Bicol

A continuation of my previous post: Day 1 in Albay, Bicol. =)

So after taking a day tour in Albay, Bicol, we were excited to do the next ones in our list for our last day. That is, to witness the sun rise at Legazpi Boulevard, ride an ATV at the foothill of Mt. Mayon and swim at Busay Falls.

I mentioned Anniesville (click the link to direct you to their facebook page) in my previous post, right? It’s a condotel in Legazpi City where we stayed for our trip. We also got a tour guide from an agent there. This place is really recommended. It’s near the boulevard which is a perfect place to see the sunrise. You can either walk or go by car.


A majestic view of Mt. Mayon
The sun peeking behind the clouds

DSC_6594After the sunrise session… we went back to the condotel and prepared for our next activity… ATV Adventure!!!

20170623_104428.jpgIn the initial run, the ride was intensely rough and bouncy. We rode across rocks, big and small. I slightly lose balance along the way, like I was going to fall. My vehicle even stalled because it was unable to cross a big rock. Hahaha anyway after 30 minutes of driving, we finally reached a shore ❤ By the way, the path was led by two local guides.

Given the liberty to drive around the shore

20170623_105233.jpgThe experience was totally fun. It was adventurous! Afterwards, we headed off to our next destination: BUSAY FALLS!!!

DSC_6605.jpgEntrance fee is 10.00 pesos, which is pretty cheap for such a wondrous place. The place has 7 levels. There are local guides that will help you trek if you want to. Since the first level is already quite crowded, we decided to go just for the 2nd level.

Second level of Busay Falls

And I’m glad we did. It felt like the place was ours. Occasionally, tourists would come by just to take some photos and leave right after… but all in all, we were enjoying so much solely by ourselves.  Huhu I love Bicol! It was entirely a great travel experience!!!! ❤

 So do you have any Bicol stories with you as well? =) feel free to share ❤



Day 1. A Day Tour in Albay, Bicol.

Bicol is a beautiful region in The Philippines. Albay, on the other hand, is a province located in Bicol and it is where you’ll see a backdrop of a volcano in perfect symmetric conical shape that is the Mt. Mayon, where you can ride an ATV at the foothill of a volcano, do tricky shots at the Cagsawa Ruins, savor an authentic spicy Bicol Express (for which Bicol is famous for), taste a Chili Ice Cream and many more!!!

After 14 hours of road travel, (already inclusive of our stopovers) my family and I finally arrived in Legazpi City. We stayed at Anniesville, a condotel in the city. It is within walking distance of Legazpi Boulevard and a row of restaurants which is really convenient. The area also has a bustling nightlife!

Anyway, here are the 7 places that we visited on our first day. We began the tour around 7:30 AM and ended by past 6.

  1. Lignon Hill. DSC_5984Lignon Hill._DSC_6001Lignon Hill._DSC_6021Lignon Hill._This was the first place our tour guide recommended. We went uphill by car. It waaaas really hot. Anyway, this place provided a beautiful panoramic view of the Mt. Mayon and the City. It also offers activities like zipline, hiking, biking, and more. But, we didn’t try any of those because we wanted to maximize our day. By the way, we paid 25 pesos for the entrance fee. Cheap yet what you’ll see up there is marvelous.
  2. Daraga Church. DSC_6049Lignon Hill._DSC_6054Lignon Hill._A vintage church in Daraga. We spared a few minutes to pray inside.
  3. Cagsawa Ruins. DSC_6099DSC_6127The bell tower is the only thing that’s left of the church that was engulfed by the violent eruption of the Mayon Volcano in February 1, 1814. It’s sad that 2,000 people—who sought refuge inside the church—perished. And for years, it had become one of the landmarks of Albay.

    My behind-the-scene attempt of trick shot. 
  4. Sumlang Lake. DSC_6142DSC_6152DSC_6175DSC_6192A scenic and quiet haven from which you can also see the Mt. Mayon. (Expect the majestic giant to always be in the background when you’re in Albay). However, at that time, it was covered by clouds. There were bamboo rafts tied to the platform and on those were stylish woven chairs. We boarded a raft, sat on one of the chairs, and took some photos. I’m not sure but I think you can kayak there or ask to make the raft float. We weren’t able to inquire more due to lack of time and it also suddenly rained.
  5. Hoyop-hoyopan Cave.

    DSC_6251Hoyop in Bicolano means “blowing of air or wind”. It is explained by the local guide there that inside the cave, we’d feel the cool natural ventilation through its different spaces. We were reminded of some of the rules, but these are the ones I really considered important: Using camera flashes is allowed but touching the cave’s walls and stalactites is not. (This is to preserve their naturalness).

    A closed-hand-shaped stalactite.

    We pressed our foreheads on it to pay respect. (Mano po).

    DSC_6317.jpgThat round flat surface there was explained that it used to be a dance floor during the Martial Law era since partying was restricted because of the curfew.

  6. Quitinday Green Hills.
    Trail going up the hill.

    Going to this place seemed hopeless. It was a one-way road and the ride was bumpy. We were like in the midst of a forest. Fortunately, there were no cars going the opposite way and since it was not peak season, there were 0 people monitoring the road. Our father even thought that maybe travelling there was not going to be worth it. He actually had second thoughts about it but there was no space to maneuver and drive back. Nevertheless, in this case, his—or let’s also say our—first impressions didn’t last. It had actually become one of my favorite spots.


    The Quitinday Greenhills is Bicol’s own resemblance of Bohol’s Chocolate Hills. There are three hills made accessible to climb but we only reached the second hill because aside from exhaustion, it was already late afternoon and there’s still one left for us to go to. Anyway,  we had no idea that we had to go up the hills; we weren’t properly dressed for hiking. But the good part is, it wasn’t necessary. The hills were actually easy to climb up however, it was still indeed tiring. Make sure to bring a bottled water with you. Haha. And and and! We were the only ones there, felt like we own the whole place! ❤


    At the top, we marveled at the green scenery with the Mayon Volcano as the primary background. Everything—from the rough road to hiking for 10 minutes—was worthwhile!

    Afterwards, the local guide imparted us the meaning of each letter in QUITINDAY.
    Q – uiet. U – nderstanding I – nvolved D – etermination (This a hundred percent essential to hike all the way up to the hills) I – ntelligence T – ourist A – ttractive
    Y – OU =)

  7. Mayon Skyline.DSC_6419DSC_6421DSC_6434
    The last tourist spot we visited. It was a quite a long uphill ride. There, we admired the wide landscape of mountains and we’re kind of at the same level with the clouds. We also had a close-up view of the Mt. Mayon. We also visited the planetarium located there wherein we watched a short AVP about Mayon and its eruptions.

Thanks for reading! Hihi

Link for my next post: Day 2. Last day in Albay, Bicol.


Why set goals? A roadmap to your dreams.


Hello, readers!

Let’s follow up on the topic of dreams with a practical guide. Now, It’s one thing to picture a dream with your mind’s eye and say that’s what I want, but how do we go about bringing it to life? How do we turn a make-believe story into a reality that we can touch with our own hands and see with our own eyes? What steps do we need to take to get there? Is there such thing as a magic stairway? What can we reach and grab onto as we climb towards our dreams?

If you’re bored with life — you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things — you don’t have enough goals.

Lou Holtz

That’s it, Goals. Think of goals as a roadmap to your dream. If you wanted to take a trip cross-country what would you use? A map!…

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Beach Day with Friends @ Liw-liwa, San Felipe, Zambales


DISCLAIMER: This is not an informative post. This is just an account of our Zambales trip. 

Months prior to graduation, we’d been planning to go to Zambales for our friend’s graduation celebration as well as for our short summer vacation.

I only managed to take a few photos because I was too occupied with my friends.

My friends and I traveled by bus going to Iba, Zambales on May 11, Thursday at 8 PM. We arrived an hour before midnight at our friend’s house. Then, we all went to bed minutes after we satisfied our hunger with some bread and cheese spread since we didn’t have dinner throughout the ride.


Clinette—the one who hosted the trip and graduation celebration—and her family had already provided us the cottage, lunch & dinner so we didn’t really worry about the major expenses. We just paid for our own entrance fee and contributed a little to the rental costs of the karaoke and the bonfire. Hehe. THANK YOU!! ❤

Processed with VSCO with a1 presetWhen we arrived, this area covered by pine trees was the first thing that immediately caught my attention. I love its scenic impression plus it gives off a relaxing vibe. And with the help of the brightness of the sun and the shade the trees provide, it gives you a nice and balanced natural light that would make your photos look great!

So, my friends and I picked each of our own perfect spots for our photo session before we proceeded to the beach. Haha! Big thanks to our make-up artist, Honey, for making us pretty! ❤ Alsoooooo, thanks to CJ’s iPhone 7+, we got to have photos that seemed like were taken by a DSLR.

Processed with VSCO with a1 preset

2017-05-14_01.27.21_1[1].jpgShot from iPhone 7+. Thank you, CJ!

Processed with VSCO with m6 preset



20170512_153053There is quite a distance from the cottages to those flag poles then from the flag poles, we ran going to the beach just to make it more fun.

20170512_174902Although the sand wasn’t fine and pure, it was clean!

It was my first time to be at a beach resort that is still quite unexplored, so it’s not yet crowded like the popular ones. It’s a great place to de-stress and escape from the noisy urban setting even just for a little while.

20170512_18054920170512_180553Processed with VSCO with h6 presetIMG_0621You can’t see the cottages from the beach as apparent in the photo. That’s how wide the space between those two is.

This was our first sunset together. We paused our picture-taking session momentarily just to witness the sun completely disappear below the horizon in awe.

IMG_20170514_184325Just look how beautiful the twilight is and this cute silhouette jump shot with my friends ft. Clinette’s adorable baby niece!

20170513_001609Then we had a late-night bonfire set by some staff from the resort. After it’s all done, that’s when the good stories & games happened.

Stray dog on the beach!

There were stray dogs wandering around and this cute little one joined us for a short time. But before the dog left, it snatched one marshmallow from the pack! o__O Cute and kinda mischievous!

Processed with VSCO with  preset

After our bonfire activity, two of my friends already went to bed and the rest of us remained to lie on the sand and gaze at the sky in hopes to see some shooting stars. But after a few minutes of waiting, I gave up and invited my other friend to join me to go back to the cottage and left the others. Hahahaha.

Bitesy & Zippsy + Love Ice Cream @ Arca Yard Food Park PH

A food park is where various food shops are already situated in one place. The usual expectation from a food park is that the foods and place are instagrammable—and indeed they are!

This one is called Arca Yard and is located in Valenzuela City. If you want to grab tasty burger meals, go to Bitesy & Zippsy ❤

2017-04-26 08.42.38 2.jpg
Wild West BBQ Burger Meal – 165 pesos & Ono Burger (Hawaiian) Meal – 175 pesos 

The Wild West BBQ Burger has cheese sauce, bacon, mushroom, bbq sauce and bbq aioli; just knowing the ingredients is already inviting. While the Ono Burger (Hawaiian) has lettuce, tomato, cheese sauce, bacon, pineapple and garlic aioli. At first, I was curious of how the burger would taste with pineapple. Turns out, the pineapple is a good complementary in a burger!

For the dessert, head over to Love Ice Cream for its delicious parfait that is already good for two. Of course there are other choices in their menu. Look it up by clicking the link.

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset
Banana Cookies & Cream Mallows – 120 pesos 
Processed with VSCO with 6 presetImage snippet of the place


You were just like a firework
You did not just light up my dark sky
But you gave color to it as well

Again, you were just like a firework
You disappeared right after your magical display
Leaving me all dark again
With your smoke as a reminder
That you were once there


Sometimes we want to stop moments like this but you see, the world turns–a sequel awaits.

Words by Clinette Sedgwick
Photo by Gieverly Banzuela




An unexpected match of outfit with my friend here, Honeyleth.

Green top, jeans, black bag and black pointed shoes. Yep. 


We started off as friends,
Ended as lovers
That’s how it usually goes
If we are like the others

But yes, we were a couple
Only without a date of declaration
We’d be greeting each other too then
If we are like the others

What we had was different
Different from what we see on the internet
I’d be posting all over
If we are like the others

We were happy
Enjoying each other’s company
We were so sweet and loving,
Like we are like the others

But then you got tired
I don’t know why
And then I realized,
We are like the others